Website Accessibility Statement and Policy

We are committed to an ongoing process of providing accessible content to all website visitors, and the Guidelines below outline the steps we have taken to provide accessible content.  We acknowledge that areas of the website may exist where accessibility targets have not been met.

Please direct questions or concerns by phone or email to:

Sandi Kerr
(386) 466-6440

Website Accessibility Guidelines

The top of each web page with navigation links has a “skip to navigation” and “skip to content link”.  This feature directs screen readers to bypass the row of navigation links and start at the webpage content.

All links have a text description that can be read by a screen reader.

All photographs on the website currently have HTML tags (such as “alt” tags) with text equivalents of the material being visually conveyed.

The website has online forms that include HTML tags to describe all the controls that people can use to complete and submit the forms.

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